Where do the funds go?

Every year, we publish an Annual Report in both document and video format to ensure that you have access to all the important information about how your funds have been utilized. 

MAA's financial statements are both internally and externally audited on a yearly basis ensuring full transparency for our donors and other stakeholders. As an accredited NGO by the Australian Government's Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT), and as ACFID members, we are vigorously assessed for our governance, programme management capacity, policies, risk, and partner management.


MAA will make every effort to allocate your donation as per your preference. In some cases, for reasons outside our control (e.g. to meet Shariah requirements, Government restrictions, etc.), we may not be able to implement a project for your preferred cause within a reasonable time. Once all options have been exhausted (or after a specified time), MAA may reallocate your donation to a similar cause or project (without affecting the donation type, i.e. Zakah will only be used as Zakah, Emergency Aid as Emergency Aid, etc.).