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Gifting is more than just an exchange; it's a tradition deeply rooted in the Sunnah of our Prophet Muhammad SAW. With the new Gifts of Mercy initiative, our aim is to elevate this act of worship, making it even more special and rewarding.

How it works:

1. Select a gift from the options below.
2. Pick a gift card that resonates with the occasion or sentiment.
3. Add a personal message and complete the transaction.
That's it! Your personalised charity gift card will be delivered by email to your chosen recipient, allowing them to download, share, and print if they'd like to.

Please note: The donation amount is not shown on the certificate.

NEW GIFT! We've just added a new gift option - help provide essential emergency relief to the people of Gaza!

Remember, there's more to Gifts of Mercy than just gifting. Every gift will not only delight your loved ones, it will also help and relieve those in need globally.

Donate a Gift of Mercy and transform the act of gifting!


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Provide urgent aid to Palestinians in Gaza

Restore Eyesight in Africa

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Help cure blindness and bring joy to those who cannot see



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Provide clean water to impoverished communities

Orphan Care

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Give orphans in need a brighter future


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Benefit from the ongoing rewards of continuous charity

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