MAA is calling for volunteers!

Our volunteers are at the core of what we do; without them we would not be able to implement highly efficient projects that deliver a positive impact to the poor and needy overseas and within Australia. With our upcoming plans for the next years, MAA is doing a call out for volunteers that would be interested in:


Being part of a team

.. that works hard to help millions of people every year in over 45 countries in need such as Syria, Palestine, Ethiopia & Myanmar.



Helping out locally

.. in Australia. We will be running some projects in the future that will help with the homeless in Australia, as well as other local training and upskilling programmes.


Making a real difference

.. all over the world. MAA's projects have been designed to be efficient and to maximise the impacts of all lives involved.


Doing rewarding work

.. that will increase the barakah in your life in unexpected ways insha'Allah and have fun while doing it!

How can you help?

We understand that not everyone is suited to any kind of volunteer work. In fact, we actually celebrate it. MAA is a big mix of personalities from all backgrounds and communities but with one aim - to serve humanity and to help people escape a life of poverty across the world. We've narrowed down a few key volunteer profiles...


Ground Force

You have the speed and precision of handing out flyers after Jumuah. You also love roaming the streets and spreading the word.



Social Butterflies

You love to chat and make new friends. You have countless Facebook notifications and have the superpower of bringing people to events.


The Experts

You're the brains of the whole operation. You bring your knowledge to the table for area of expertise, e.g. Multimedia, IT, Logistics or whatever you're good at.


Jack of All Trades

You know everything about everything and you know how to do it. You're confident in taking up any role and doing a great job of it. Show us what you can do!