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The Day of Arafah: What is it, Why is it Important?

The Day of Arafah, the pinnacle of the Hajj pilgrimage, offers Muslims an unparalleled opportunity to seek Allah's favour and forgiveness. This sacred day, marked by fasting, prayers, and acts of devotion, is a time for spiritual renewal and immense blessings. Learn how to make the most of this extraordinary day and fulfil the noble tradition of Qurban.

Navigating Qurban and Multiple Eid Dates: Can My Qurban Be Performed Overseas Before My Eid Prayer?

With Muslims spread across different time zones and following various opinions on moonsighting, a common question arises: Can Qurban be performed overseas before your Eid prayer? Find out here

The significance of Dhul Hijjah

Dhul Hijjah, marking the end of the Islamic year, holds immense significance due to four major events: Hajj, the Day of Arafah, Qurban, and Eid ul-Adha. The first 10 days of this month are particularly virtuous, surpassing even Ramadan in merit.

Dhul Hijjah Guide: Plan your first 10 days

The first ten days of Dhul Hijjah are among the most sacred in the Islamic calendar, offering immense blessings and opportunities for spiritual growth. Find out what you can do to maximise these blessed 10 days!

Preparing for Hajj: Essential tips for pilgrims during Dhul Hijjah

Hajj is a profound and often once-in-a-lifetime experience. Proper preparation ensures that you can fully immerse yourself in the pilgrimage and perform the rituals correctly.

Media Release: Urgent Call for Australia Intervention in Gaza

Read about the urgent humanitarian crisis in Gaza as Israeli forces seize the Rafah crossing, blocking vital aid. MAA calls on Australia to intervene and ensure the safety and rights of Gazan civilians
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