RMN - Eid Gifts and Food Packs for Refugees


Want to help us help more this Ramadan? Why not host your own fundraiser with your friends and family? Donate and Elevate more people this Ramadan!

In Ramadan 2018, Saud launched his own fundraising campaign with his community and sucessfully raised over $15,000! He was able to elevate hundreds of people from poverty and assist them with essential food packs as well as life changing gifts.

Saud from Sydney:

I'm helping MAA by raising funds to provide Food and Eid Packs to Syrian refugees in Turkey on Eid day.

The Food Pack ($20) contains: Rice 3 kg, Chickpeas 2 kg, Sugar 2 kg, Liquid oil 2lt, Tomato Sauce 1kg, Flour 5kg, Halva 350gr,  and Dates 500g. 

The Eid Gift ($30) contains: Pants, Shirt, Blouse (for girls), Socks, and shoes. 

Help me reach my goal of $5,000 this Ramadan and provide essential support to Syrian children.

GOAL: $15,000
RAISED SO FAR: $15,716.74

YOU can be a part of the change. Get your friends, family, collegues and community together this Ramadan and take your opportunity to not only elevate yourselves, but others in this beautiful Holy month.

Call us to find out more about our Ramadan Campaigns and get fundraising today!