India COVID-19 Emergency DONATE NOW

India is staring at the gloomiest and deadliest phase of the Covid crisis.
  • Nearly 3 million active COVID cases
  • For 6 days in a row, the number of cases has exceeded 300,000
  • Daily deaths have crossed the 2,000 mark for 7 days in a row
  • Over 195,000 deaths so far 
The situation is so bad that the Government has advised that people wear masks AT HOME. There is also a severe shortage of oxygen across the country.

MAA is launching an Emergency Appeal and will be distributing:
  • Oxygen concentrators to patients
  • Liquid oxygen to hospitals
  • Food packs to those affected by widespread lockdowns

The need is huge, and the equipment is costly. Any support is welcome, but we encourage you to donate for this cause with at least a $100 donation.  

India is one of the poorest countries in the world, accounting for up to 90 million people living below the poverty line out of a total population of around 1.4 billion. The country also regularly bears the brunt of disasters both natural and human-made, and over the years, providing emergency relief in such situations has been a top priority for us at MAA. 

Support our India Covid-19 Emergency appeal, and we will ensure that your donation is used to provide essential aid to those who need it most.

Let's Help them Breathe.