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On December 22nd 2018, the partial collapse of Anak Krakatau Volcano in Indonesia caused an undersea landslide, triggering a significant tsunami event which affected five districts (Pandeglang, Serang, South Lampung, Tanggamus and Pesawaran) in the two provinces of Banten and Lampungs.
According to OCHA, the tsunami led to extensive damage along the coastal areas, killing at least 430 people, with a further 159 still missing, and 1,500 injured. Approximately, 2,000 homes are fully damaged and 22,000 individuals are displaced living in makeshift shelters and temporary camps.
MAA's emergency response teams are on the ground to provide immediate relief to those affected.
We are distributing Food Packs and delivering ambulances to provide emergency medical attention immediately. We will also help people get back to their lives by providing them with Income-generating gifts.
We urge you to help provide aid to those affected by donating generously to the Indonesia Tsunami Appeal.