EMR - Syrian Empowerment Project

Jordan has always been home to a large number of refugees, initially these were mainly Palestinian refugees but ever since the Syrian uprising Jordan has become one of the greatest hosts of Syrian refugees in the middle east.

Many of these refugee communities live in numerous camps in Jordan with some long established camps having become their own suburbs. They are often populated by the most vulnerable members of Jordanian society including large numbers of orphans and widows who often have no means to support themselves.

MAA, through Al-Imdaad Foundation’s offices in Jordan are actively involved in relief programmes for Syrian and Palestinian refugees at various camps and facilities in the country. Month long Food Hampers, assembled as per the local diet are regularly distributed to refugees from the Zaatari and Azraq camps Non-camp based refugees are also beneficiaries of these distribution.

Al-Imdaad Foundation’s Jordanian office has been erecting container homes for Syrian refugees living in appalling conditions in the Jordanian dessert. With sub zero temperatures, families living in tents are at risk of the elements as well as snakes and other wildlife. Providing Shelter is an essential for the wellbeing of displaced Syrians.

Moving into the seventh year and with no foreseeable end to the conflict in sight, the Al Imdaad Foundation is looking to sustainable projects which gives displaced Syrians an opportunity to get skills training and become self-sufficient. The Al Imdaad Foundation is sponsoring sewing machines with 3 months of training and all the equipment necessary for women to start their own home business. Empowering one woman, empowers an entire community.

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