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For our Ummah in Falasteen - Gaza Emergency Appeal

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​"For our Ummah in Falasteen" is an initiative in partnership with MAA to deliver essential aid to those affected in Gaza and other parts of Palestine. MAA have been working in Palestine for more than two decades.

Gaza Emergency - JANUARY 2024

Over 2.3 million Palestinians trapped in Gaza and thousands in the West Bank are continuing to face immense hardship, death and horrible injuries, as they face a relentless bombardment and ground invasion. Innocent civilians and children have been targeted incluing in hospitals, places of worship and where they are seeking refuge. There is no place left for our Palestinian brothers and sisters to seek safety.

Critical shortages in basic necessities, compounded by a comprehensive blockade, are notable. The healthcare system is on the brink, with many hospitals ceasing operations due to fuel shortages and power outages.

  • Affected: 2.3M People

  • Killed: Over 23,700

  • Injured: Over 63,300



  • In early January 2024, Team MAA dispatched a massive convoy of ten trucks to Gaza, full of winter essentials, family food packs, and hygiene kits. Currently, these trucks are on their way to those most in need in Gaza, and we expect the goods to be distributed in sha Allah within the next week or two. Watch our latest Gaza Aid Convoy video below.

  • In November 2023, our CEO Ayman Eldemallawy and Sheikh Abdel Moez were in Cairo, Egypt - supervising the procurement and packing of essential aid including food packs and medicines. Several truckloads of these goods entered Gaza and the aid was distributed to those most in need, in coordination with the Palestine Red Crescent and Ministry of Health, Gaza.

How is aid being delivered?

With the humanitarian crisis in Gaza intensifying, many have raised concerns and questions about how international aid organisations like MAA, are able to help those in need in the worst affected areas. 

1) Just days before the onset of the current crisis, MAA had purchased and stocked essential food packs, hygiene packs, and water. This proactive approach has enabled us to distribute these items to those affected by the conflict.

2) Once the attacks started, our primary source of aid shifted to local suppliers within Gaza and despite great challenges on the ground, we have been able to continue our work at every opportunity possible. Hot meals have been prepared and distributed to over 11,000 people so far, and hundreds of hygiene kits and warm blankets have been distributed. 

3) The situation on the ground is constantly evolving, so with urgent supplies on the brink of depletion, essentials, especially disposable medical items, are becoming increasingly scarce. We therefore made plans to procure goods from across the border from Egypt.

4) Since November 2023, MAA has sent over 15 trucks full of essential aid from Egypt to Gaza, and the plan moving forward is to continue doing so at every possible opportunity. We are constantly monitoring the situation and coordinating with local agencies to respond to the needs of the people of Gaza as soon as possible. 

For all Emergency Aid projects, and in particular for Gaza, we take a unique Triple R approach:

  • Relief: In the critical days following a disaster, MAA’s priority is to offer immediate emergency assistance.

  • Recovery: As the immediate crisis subsides, our efforts transition to rehabilitating lives disrupted by the event.

  • Rebuild: With a long-term vision, MAA invests in rebuilding a future for communities impacted by calamities.

We totally understand the gravity of the situation and the trust our donors have placed on us. Our track record speaks to our commitment and dedication, and we assure you that every effort is being made to alleviate the suffering of the people in Gaza.




Gaza, Palestine Overview 2024

Gaza, Palestine, has been a focal point of humanitarian strife for years. Home to over two million people within its 362 square kilometers, its dense population grapples daily with challenges intensified by geographic isolation, scarce resources, and an unstable economy.


  • Food Insecurity: Alarmingly, over 70% of Gaza's households face food insecurity, a situation exacerbated by the region's ongoing conflicts.

  • Water Crisis: A staggering 90% of Gaza's water is unsuitable for consumption, posing severe health risks to its inhabitants.

  • Economic Strain: With limited resources and access, unemployment soars, opportunities dwindle, and the region becomes increasingly reliant on international aid.

  • Health & Education: Limited access to essential services like healthcare and education hampers the growth and well-being of Gaza's residents.

Nearly two million Palestinians remain at risk, facing violence, displacement, and restricted access to basic necessities and rights. Their access to essential services, freedom of movement, and many human rights are denied or limited, leading to inadequate medical care and hindered opportunities for work and education.

Emergency Gaza 2023 Distribution

MAA's Relief Efforts

For over two decades, MAA has been providing support in Palestine, particularly in Gaza, offering both emergency relief and long-term rehabilitation. Our mission is unwavering: to alleviate the suffering of our Palestinian brothers and sisters, and help them rebuild their lives. Your generous donation can be the catalyst for change, bringing home, clean water, food and a brighter future. 

Help those affected by the conflict in Palestine.

MAA’s recently launched Gifts of Mercy program allows you to donate a Winter Pack for a family in Gaza on behalf of your loved ones! Through Gifts of Mercy, you can also directly send them a personalised gift card.

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