EMR - Rebuild a Homes



Rami Alshareef is a Palestinian fisherman, unable to go to work due to his recently acquired disability from the escalating violence. He is currently living in constant pain, in a dilapidated home with a pregnant wife, two kids, and no income.

Unable to move without assistance, even to use the bathroom, his days are filled with screams, requests for help, and humiliation. Amidst the growing financial, emotional, and mental burden, their dilapidated home is not suitable for a disabled person, and this has added to Rami's worries.

The Image Gallery below will paint a picture of his life that no words can describe. 

Rami's story is heart-breaking, but just one among hundreds of similar stories in Gaza, Palestine. In Gaza, there are hundreds of disabled people like Rami, and MAA is embarking on a project to rebuild the houses of 148 people, who have recently become physically handicapped in the latest round of violence. 

For $2500 per home, we can build a comfortable and safe home with custom materials and a design that includes a special accessible bathroom, kitchen and entrances that cater to the disabled. 

If you cannot donate the entire amount, please do as much as you can to contribute towards this unique project.

All amounts are welcome.

Let's come together to build a "Home Sweet Home" for our disabled Palestinian brothers and sisters and put some happiness back in their lives.