ORP - India Orphanage

India is a country that, despite its rapid economic growth in the past decade, still struggles with poverty, inadequate healthcare, child labour and malnutrition. Over 25% of India’s population live on less than $1.25 per day. Reports indicate that 70% of the population’s children under the age of 5 are anaemic and 44% of children are underweight. These figures cannot be ignored and in our attempt to combat the issue MAA has developed three Orphan Aid projects within the Bharuch district of India.

Orphanage Projects
1. Kosamba Dadri Madressa and Orphanage
2. Darul Yatama Madressa and Orphanage
3. Madni Daruttarbiyyat Orphanage

Location: Bharuch, India

Your support will help to change the future not only of your sponsored child, but also the local communities. It only takes $50 a month to help change a child’s life by providing:

• Food and water sanitation
• Essential care and support
• Education
• Consistent Health checks and immunisations
• Community Development

Be a supporter of change and help us empower these children to break free from their chains of poverty. Give hope to these children by donating to MAA International today!