Emergency Qurban $295 DONATE NOW

Every Qurban, we distribute a limited number of Fresh Qurban to Palestinians, Syrian refugees and for Uyghur Refugees. Yes, the cost of $295 is higher than the other options due to the difficulty in performing Qurban in these areas but can you imagine their joy when they receive your Qurban?

There are 4 steps involved:

1. Prior to Qurban, MAA's representatives visit the local suppliers and farmers to ensure that the livestock have no defects and are in line with Islamic requirements. 

2. The Halal sacrifice is conducted during the 3 days of Eid, and is usually supervised by MAA staff or a representative. 

3. The meat goes through a cleaning process before it is packaged into bags or boxes for distribution locally. 

4. The bags or boxes of Qurban meat are distributed in local communities or in villages.