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MAA's Crisis Zone Qurban is exclusively for Syrian and Palestinian refugees, and in Lebanon where due to the ongoing situation, either Fresh Qurban is not an option or it is not practical due to lack of infrastructure, electricity etc.

The steps involved in Crisis Zone Qurban are as follows:

1. Sacrifice is done in Australia.
2. After cleaning, the meat is canned or frozen depending on where it will be distributed.
3. Frozen meat is cut into 6 pieces, and shipped in separate cartons to its intended destination via refrigerated containers. The beneficiaries will receive frozen meat.
4. For canned Qurban, the sacrificed meat is cooked and canned in New Zealand. Each can contains around 425g of meat and yields approximately 16-17 cans (equivalent to 1 sheep) after the deboning, cleaning and cooking is done.  The Qurban cans are then transported and distributed to the needy.