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Qurban: Where Most Needed $80

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Since 1989, Muslim Aid Australia has ensured your Qurban (Udhiyah) reaches the most impoverished communities worldwide.

Here's how our Fresh Qurban program works


  • Ethical Sourcing: Our experienced team visits local farmers and suppliers before Eid. They meticulously inspect the livestock to ensure it meets strict Islamic guidelines and is free from defects.

  • Halal Sacrifice: During the three days of Eid, the animals are sacrificed according to Halal procedures, under the supervision of our dedicated staff or a trusted representative.

  • Preparation & Packaging: The meat is usually packaged into individual bags or boxes for distribution.

  • Local Delivery: We prioritise delivering the Qurban meat directly to families and communities within the designated regions.


Where Your Qurban Makes a Difference:

Your generous Qurban contribution will be directed to communities facing food insecurity in countries like Bangladesh, Indonesia, Sierra Leone, Burkina Faso, Ghana, Pakistan, Niger, Somalia, Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, and India. However, if a critical need arises in another region, we may allocate your Qurban contribution there to maximise its impact.

The specific countries receiving Qurban distributions may change based on various factors, including local needs and logistical considerations. We are committed to transparency and will keep you updated on the final allocation of your contribution.


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We operate with openness & honesty


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