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Ramadan Zakat al Fitr AU$17

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Purify Your Fasts: Donate Fitrah Today!

Embrace the true spirit of Ramadan by fulfilling your obligation of Fitrah (Zakat al-Fitr). This small act of charity purifies your fast, brings joy to families in need, and strengthens communities worldwide.

Recommended amount: $17 per person. Remember, you can always give more based on your means and circumstances.

Giving Zakat al-Fitr (also known as Fitrah) is one of the many obligations of the holy month of Ramadan. Like the Zakat on an individual’s savings, it also entails giving a small amount to charity. Zakat al-Fitr, however, must be given before the Eid prayers are performed.

It is not uncommon to get Zakat al-Fitr mixed up with Zakat or vice versa. Both terms sound similar but need to be taken care off separately.

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