Sydney - Womens Shelter Fundraising Dinner


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Women's Only Fundraising Dinner
for MAA's Women'S Shelter in south africa



Sun. 2 December 2018
6:30 pm – 9:30 pm AEDT


Renaissance Westella
3 New Street East
Lidcombe, NSW 2141
We need and request your help to continue supporting this special centre for many more years to come.
On 2nd December 2018, join us for an enlightening evening in Sydney for the 'Verily, with Hardship comes Ease' event while we recount stories from women whose lives have been turned around and changed for the better since attending the Ihata Women's Shelter.
Learn about our initiatives geared towards empowerment, education and independence for women who have been through much trauma. And most importantly, help us raise funds to continue this essential program and help change the lives of the victims forever.

What's it all about?

Imagine experiencing domestic violence or sexual abuse at some point in your life. Imagine having no one there to console you, to help you pick up the pieces, no one to direct where you go from there, and no one to guide you on how to heal. The outlook is depressing and bleak, especially for women in this position. Add the poverty cycle to this mix and you have a proper crisis - a long, dark and never ending tunnel.
This is why MAA has supported and assisted the ground-breaking Ihata Women's Shelter in South Africa since 2014. The Shelter is a rehabilitation and empowerment centre for women who struggle with substance abuse or have gone through domestic violence and sexual/physical abuse.
In the heart of Cape Town, the Shelter has thus far successfully assisted, clothed, counselled, empowered and sheltered over 600 women and children, and counselled hundreds of women seeking assistance with domestic abuse or violence.

Why South Africa?

According to the humanitarian news organization IRIN, an estimated 500,000 rapes are committed annually in South Africa and every day, 3 South African women are killed by their partners.
WHO claims that 65% of women experienced spousal abuse, and more than 25% of South African men questioned by the Medical Research Council admitted to rape, with nearly half having raped more than one person.
15% of South Africa's population have a drug problem, and 1 in 10 women surveyed have experienced problems related to alcohol abuse in their lifetime.
You can be the light at the end of the tunnel!