Women's Empowerment

The current socio-economic situation of South Africa has found an alarming rate of abuse perpetrated against women and children. At present, there is a crisis in South Africa. Statistics report that a woman is violated every 30 seconds across the country. The high rate of domestic violence, rape, and drug abuse has put pressure on women to live lives on the street or are sent to prison due to crimes committed out of their desperate need for money and survival.

How We're Helping

MAA is on the ground in in South Africa implementing a project to support these women and children and provide them with a comprehensive and holistic solution to improve their lives.

This life-changing project includes but is not limited to:
  • Education
  • Water & Sanitation
  • Skills development
  • Career development
  • Life-coaching, and
  • Nutritional support
Fulfilling the basic needs of the women and children and psychological therapies to help women to regain their strength and re-integrate back into society in a way that is empowering, confident and independent.

The total yearly budget for this project is $310,000. To ensure we can continue supporting these women and children, we need your support. Donate Today.