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With Ramadan fast approaching, sign up to our Countdown to Ramadan (C2R) campaign to plan, save, and achieve your charity goals in the blessed month!

Step 1: Choose an amount (starting from AU$5.00 per day)

Step 2: Select a Zakah or Sadaqah cause*. 

That's it! A daily deduction will start and once Ramadan begins, the total amount will be allocated to your chosen cause.

There are four causes to choose from: 

General Zakah - help us respond quickly where there is need, and provide aid to world’s most vulnerable communities.

Eye Care (Sadaqah Jariyah) - in Kenya, Burkina Faso, Nigeria, Niger and Senegal, help us perform eye surgeries to bring back colour and productivity to the blind!

Family Food Packs (Zakah) - Donate a food pack with non-perishable items like rice, maize, oil, flour and more that will last an African family for at least a month. 

Water Aid (Sadaqah Jariyah) - Provide clean water by building wells and boreholes, installing tanks, pumps, taps and more in areas that need it most. 

It's time to plan for Ramadan. Sign up today!

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1) To edit an amount or cause added to the cart before payment, please delete and restart the process.
2) First deduction will occur immediately, and thereafter daily deductions will take place until Ramadan.
3) If daily deductions are cancelled before the scheduled end date, the amount collected till then will go to the chosen cause.

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