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04 Nov 2015
Clean Water for Gaza

The recent civil conflict which began on 8th July 2014 and continued for 50 days in Gaza resulted in mass destruction to infrastructure in the area, including water plants. This civil unrest has affected thousands of families in the Gaza Strip, and access to clean water has become very difficult.

In any other circumstance, constructing a borehole or water well would have addressed this issue. However, due to groundwater pollution from high levels of chloride, the decision was made to develop a long-term solution. This involved building a desalination plant to purify the water to overcome the water shortage.

The construction phase took approximately eight months, with the agreement to provide ongoing maintenance for the next two years.

Thousands are now benefitting from this SMART water project. The desalination plant produces approximately 250,000 litres of clean water per day.

The total cost of the project is $230,000.
After completing the desalination plant, our donors also helped by purchasing a water truck to transport the clean water to surrounding areas in Gaza. This ensures this much-needed resource is well distributed and reaches as many people as possible, in shaa Allah.

This was a joint project between Muslim Aid Australia, Muslim Charitable Foundation, Al Imdaad Foundation Australia, and the Islamic College Of Brisbane.

Posted by Riyaad Ally

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