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Q: What is Fedyah?

A: For those who are unable to fast (eg. the elderly, sick, handicapped, etc.), compensation must be made by feeding a poor person for every day of fasting not observed. At the same time, however, the young and able should still make up their missed fasts(ie in case they were sick or travelling).
Abdullah bin Ma'qal narrated: I sat with Ka'b bin 'Ujra and asked him about the Fedyah. He replied, "This revelation was revealed concerning my case especially, but it is also for you in general. I was carried to Allah's Apostle and the lice were falling in great number on my face. The Prophet SAW said, "I have never thought that your ailment (or struggle) has reached to such an extent as I see. Can you afford a sheep?" I replied in the negative. He then said, "Fast for three days, or feed six poor persons each with half a sa’a of food." [Sahih Bukhari 3:28 (43)]
Q: How is Fedyah calculated?

A: The price of Fedyah for each day of missed fasts is either to feed a poor person two meals in a day, or to supply wheat enough to feed a poor person twice in a day. The Fedyah rate should be calculated based on the local prices of whole wheat in the location the person resides.

What is Fedyah?