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MAA Grocery Support MAA Grocery Support
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Note:1) The donation of AU$30 is deducted once every month. 2) Delivery of groceries will be done within 30 days of receiving the donation.

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MONTHLY Grocery Support

Qurban is one of the rare times when our brothers and sisters in need enjoy nutritious meals that include meat. But why should this be the case? If we provide our families with a balanced diet that often includes meat, shouldn't we be also doing the same for those in need, all year round?

Our Prophet Muhammad SAW taught us: "None of you will have faith, until he loves for his brother what he loves for himself." (Bukhari)

For an investment of just AU$1 a day (a minimum duration of 3 months applies), MAA's monthly Grocery Support Program helps you act upon this beautiful hadith. 

We'll link you to a Pakistani or Yemeni family in need and every month, distribute basic groceries to them on your behalf. That will 
include 2kgs of FRESH meat or chicken! A photo report of the distribution will also be emailed to you.


Sign up to help a family in Pakistan and we will ensure your grocery sponsorship is linked to an Orphan & Widow family!

Join us and experience how a small investment of AU$1 a day can bring immense blessings to your life, in sha Allah!

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