Qurban is MAA's primary humanitarian Food Aid program.
In 2016, MAA:

✔ Delivered 22,762 Qurban, worth $2.7 million, to 1.3 million people
✔ Fresh & Ready-to-Eat Qurban reached 37 countries


Exclusively for Syria and Syrian refugees

MAA has developed a unique and highly nutritional Ready to Eat Qurban solution. Once the Qurban takes place within the Shariah prescribed timeframe, the meat is:

  1. Prepared according to the taste preferences of the beneficiaries
  2. Packaged into durable cans and pouches. Approximately 16 cans OR 23 pouches equal 1 sheep. 
  3. Transported to hard-to-reach areas that usually don't have electricity

This makes it easy for beneficiaries to consume the food when they want, also making it the most viable solution in conflict areas like Syria. 

Watch our Qurban Videos:

Did You Know?

  • Qurban Food Aid is distributed to the most vulnerable people; this includes widows, orphans, the elderly, internally displaced persons, and the poor.
  • Our staff from Australia travel to monitor our Qurban Program around the world, to ensure that all Islamic requirements are met and to guarantee that your donations make the maximum impact. 
  • As part of our commitment to be transparent and accountable, we share Qurban updates and progress reports with you as they happen.

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