Qurban [Udhiyah] is MAA's primary humanitarian food aid program that we've been implementing worldwide since 1989.

This year, we have the following options:

FRESH Qurban: You can choose the Qurban Where Needed $90 option and we'll distribute it to those in need in Asia and Africa, OR you can choose an individual country. In all cases, livestock is sacrificed at the point of distribution and fresh meat is given to the beneficiaries immediately. 

FROZEN Qurban: Livestock is sacrificed in Australia, and sent frozen in boxes to Lebanon where it will be distributed to those in need in Lebanon and Syrian refugees. 

CROWDFUND a Fresh Qurban: Donate and help us feed our brothers and sisters in countries like Yemen, Syria, Bangladesh (Rohingya) and Lebanon where Qurban is expensive. Together, we can bring joy to more beneficiaries this Eid!

You can also donate 
Eid Gifts for Children and Feed a family for Eid. 


Qs. What are the rules for Qurban livestock shares?

1 Sheep or Goat = 1 Qurban
1 Cow = 7 Qurban Shares (One Qurban is 1/7th of the share)

Qs. What day will the Qurban be performed?

Qurbani will take place on the first, second, and third days of Eid. It is advisable to donate your Qurban as soon as you can and no later than the third day of Eid [13th Dhul Hijjah] before Maghrib. 

Qs. Is there an admin fee included in the Qurban pricing?

To ensure we continue to maintain the highest quality Qurban practices, a low admin fee is necessary to cover the cost of staff, slaughter, distribution and in case of Frozen Qurban for the packing and transportation. 

Qs. How does the Frozen Qurban work? 

Frozen meat is cut into 6 pieces, and shipped in separate cartons to its intended destination via refrigerated containers. The beneficiaries will receive frozen meat.

Qs. How do you select who to distribute the Qurban to?

In every country that we conduct Qurban in, it is distributed to the most vulnerable people; this includes widows, orphans, the elderly, internally displaced persons, and the poor.

Qs. Which countries will MAA be distributing Qurban in 2021?

Fresh Qurban [Where Needed] & Crowdfund a Qurban **: Ghana, India, Indonesia, Pakistan, Uganda, Malawi, Yemen, Syria, Bangladesh (Rohingya) and Lebanon

Frozen Qurban: In Lebanon, for locals and for Syrian refugees in Lebanon

** List of countries can change depending on various factors.

Qs. How can we be sure that the Qurban is taking place as promised?

Alhumdulillah, since 1989 we've been succesfully conducting Qurban around the world and each year, we strive hard to continue exceeding the expectations of our donors when it comes to quality, transparency, accountability and reporting.

As part of our commitment to be transparent and accountable, we will always share Qurban updates and progress reports with you as they happen either on our website or via email and social media. Please do not forget to Like and Follow our Facebook page, Instagram, and Youtube pages for all updates. 

Note: MAA will make every effort to allocate your donation as per your preference. In rare cases, for reasons outside our control (e.g. to meet Shariah requirements, COVID restrictions, Government restrictions, etc.), we may not be able to implement a project within a reasonable time.

Once all options have been exhausted (or after a specified time), MAA may reallocate your donation to a similar cause or project (without affecting the donation type, i.e. Zakah will only be used as Zakah, Qurban donations only for Qurban distribution, Emergency Aid as Emergency Aid, etc.).

MAA International is accredited by the Australian Government's Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade  [DFAT] and is a full member of ACFID and ACNC. All our projects are monitored and audited. For further information, please view our recently released
2019 Annual Report.
This year, fulfil your qurban with Australia's Trusted Charity.