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CR - Admin Fee Offset

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Maximise our Impact: Donate towards our Admin

At MAA International, our commitment to transparency and efficiency is unwavering. We are steadfast in our mission to ensure that your generous donations have the maximum impact, reaching the most vulnerable and underserved communities worldwide.

Your Donation's Impact

Our team is dedicated to maintaining minimal administrative and fundraising expenses. This meticulous approach ensures that a larger portion of your contribution directly uplifts those who desperately need it. By assisting us in offsetting some of our operational costs, you empower us to channel more funds towards life-changing initiatives.

How Your Contribution Amplifies Our Reach

To streamline our efforts and ensure the highest impact, our website automatically includes a modest 5% addition to your donation. This increment aids in covering essential administrative and fundraising endeavors. While this addition is entirely optional and can be removed at your discretion, retaining it amplifies the reach and effectiveness of your donation.

The Power of Choice

We respect and value the choices of our donors. If you prefer, you can opt-out of the additional 5% before finalizing your donation. However, we humbly request you to contemplate its significance. This seemingly small percentage plays a pivotal role in bolstering our operations, ensuring that your main donation reaches its intended beneficiaries without any dilution.

Tax Benefits with a Heart

Your gesture of supporting our administrative costs is not just a noble act but also comes with tangible benefits. Every penny you contribute towards our operational expenses is tax-deductible. This dual advantage ensures you receive fiscal benefits while making a profound difference in countless lives.

Join Our Journey of Compassion

Together, we can create ripples of change. By aiding us in covering our operational costs, you fortify our mission, ensuring that a larger share of your donation directly touches the lives of those in dire straits. Stand with MAA International, and let's amplify our collective impact.



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