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Lebanon: Roadmap to Recovery with MAA


Weeks after the terrible blast that claimed scores of lives and injured thousands, the people of Lebanon are slowly recovering from this tragedy and rebuilding.


As always, MAA has been on the ground from the very beginning, rolling out effective relief work phase by phase thanks to your generous donations. Follow our roadmap to recovery:

Lebanon Emergency


Lebanon Emergency

Work we've been doing on the ground since Day 1 of the tragedy

  • Distribution of over 2500 meals and food packs.
  • Deploying a mobile clinic with 1 doctor and 2 nurses to assess and distribute general medicines.
  • Distribution of baby nappies and infant milk.
  • Clearing of debris across the affected area.

CurrentPhase 2 Current / Ongoing

Lebanon Emergency

Phase 2 implementation for the weeks ahead

  • Distribution of medical kits (mask, gloves, hand sanitiser, bandages).
  • Food packs
  • Distribution of Back to School items


Lebanon Emergency

Here's what we're hoping to accomplish in the months ahead

  • Distribution of home appliances
  • Distribution of frozen meat to beneficiaries
  • Mental health assessments and support