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Cleanse your Interest Money

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MAA Offers You A Way To Cleanse Your Interest Earnings

In the modern financial landscape, even the most cautious may inadvertently accrue interest earnings, which are not permissible in Islam. Muslim Aid Australia (MAA) recognises this challenge and provides a practical solution for those who find themselves in possession of unsolicited interest earnings from various banking institutions.

Purifying Wealth through Ethical Means

MAA has established a method for you to purify your wealth by facilitating a way to dispose of these interest earnings ethically and in compliance with Islamic principles. It's crucial to note that while this act does not yield any spiritual reward, as it involves disposing of impermissible gains, it does ensure that your remaining wealth is cleansed and halal.‚Äč

How You Can Cleanse Your Interest Earnings

Scholars recommend that interest money be removed from wealth and given to charity, with the understanding that there is no reward for doing so. One also has to purify any non-permissible income received (for eg. from an investment), and give it to charity.

MAA can help you purify your tainted wealth. Donate to us and we'll put it towards our projects as per the Shariah.



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