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10 Shares - Somalia Borehole

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10 Sadaqah Jariya Shares for Somalia

Somalia, renowned for its deep-rooted history and vibrant culture, is currently facing one of its most challenging water crises. Consecutive droughts have left the nation thirsty, triggering a series of issues, from dwindling food supplies to a drop in agricultural activities.

Somalia's Water Crisis

The water deficit in Somalia is not just about barren landscapes. It mirrors the intensifying hunger crisis that's holding the nation hostage. With farming paralyzed due to the water crisis, food shortages are becoming the norm. The severity of the situation has catapulted Somalia to the forefront of the International Rescue Committee’s Emergency Watch list. The reason? A potent mix of relentless droughts and the aftermath of decades of strife, spiraling into a severe food crisis.

For season after season, the skies have remained clear, devoid of the much-needed rains. Predictions for mid-2023 paint a grim picture, with a staggering 8 million people, almost half of Somalia's populace, on the brink of acute food insecurity. The specter of a looming famine is undeniable.

MAA's Increasing our efforts

MAA International is doubling down on its commitment to help those affected. We're implementing a project to construct a Solar-Powered Borehole in Gumeys village, Jowhar, Somalia. This borehole is more than just a source of water; it's a beacon of hope, set to quench the thirst of 36,000 primary beneficiaries.

borehole inclusions

  • Hydro geological and geophysical studies

  • Borehole Drilling (estimated depth: 150m-200m)

  • Water Testing

  • Solar Panels and Inverter

  • Well Cap, Storage, and Generator Room

  • Diesel Generator

  • Elevated Concrete water tank (25m3)

  • 3 Animal Troughs

  • Water Distribution points including 10 tap dispencary and donkey-cart filling station.

To give you an idea of what the project entails, check out the video below:

Increase your rewards and donate

For just $50, you're investing 10 Sadaqah Jariyah Shares to make a huge impact in the lives of those affected by drought. Your generous contribution will be the cornerstone of the borehole's construction, ensuring that clean water reaches the many who are in dire need. 

Donate through Muslim Aid Australia and be the change. Together, we can turn the tide against Somalia's water crisis and bring solace to those in dire straits.


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