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Shallow Water Well AU$500

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Quantity at AU$500 each


Building a well transforms communities

Water is the essence of life, and by donating a shallow water well, you gift families the luxury of clean, easily accessible water. This simple act can drastically change lives, allowing families to focus on livelihoods and children to pursue education without the daily burden of water collection.

The Power of Sadaqah Jariyah through Water Wells

Donating a shallow water well is not just an act of charity; it's an enduring Sadaqah Jariyah investment. This affordable gesture has become a favored choice among our donors. Typically, these wells have a depth ranging from 10-20 metres and boast a lifespan of 8-10 years.

MAA's Commitment to Your Donation

Depending on the immediate needs and availability, MAA takes the responsibility of selecting the most impactful location for your well. Currently, MAA builds shallow water wells in Bangladesh, India, and Pakistan.

Once the well is operational, we ensure transparency by providing you with a comprehensive completion report. This includes details like the exact location, number of beneficiaries, photographs, and more. Additionally, you have the unique opportunity to personalise a plaque that's attached to the well, making your contribution even more memorable.



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