our Vision

Our vision is for MAA International to become not only remarkably successful in alleviating the poverty and suffering of the communities in need, but become an essential organisation within the Humanitarian Aid industry; to our beneficiaries, donors and all stakeholders.

our Mission

Our mission is for MAA International to make every effort to bring humanity closer together through supporting and assisting the world’s poorest and needy communities by responding quickly to emergencies, and undertaking sustainable development projects to break cycles of endemic poverty.

MAA International will demonstrate the Australian identity through universal compassion, peace building, dignified living, and active citizenry, both locally and globally.

our Values

  • Devotion to humanitarian aid and development
  • World citizenship to bring humanity together
  • Sincerity, transparency and accountability in everything we do
  • Efficiency through adopting world-class practices and business frameworks
  • Springs from the Islamic values of charity, peace and excellence