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Easy Access to Clean Water for the Elderly

04 Jan
Amaq Syukur, 80 years old, has been living with a light stroke for a few years. He lives with his children and grandchildren in a modest house, near Musholla Al Amin Dasan Reban Loyok Village.

Syukur is one of many residents who benefit from Muslim Aid Indonesia’s water facility provision funded by Muslim Aid Australia. Before this support, residents of Dasan Reban had to fetch water from the river in order to do their daily activities such as cooking, taking a shower and washing their clothes. With a poor health condition it was very unfortunate for Syukur to had to walk far for water every day.

“Muslim Aid has been a great help for us by providing a new water facility,” said Syukur. “This aid also complements the help from the local government.”

Since the construction of this facility, there has not been any water shortage in the area. The water has also been tested by East Lombok’s local health agency.
Posted by Riyaad Ally

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