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MAA Launches A Unique Gifting Experience

09 Oct

Gifts of Mercy: A unique gifting experience

Alhamdulillah! We’re thrilled to introduce you to a unique initiative close to our hearts, and Insha’Allah will find a place in yours, too. MAA’s “Gifts of Mercy” is not just a gift; it’s a warm embrace of compassion and a reflection of the Sunnah of our beloved Prophet Muhammad SAW. It’s a beautiful confluence of joy for your loved ones and a beacon of hope for those in need across the globe.

Gifts of Mercy Logo
Like most of us, are you constantly searching endlessly for a “good” gift for our loved ones, dissatisfied with the usual options? 

MAA’s new Gifts of Mercy initiative is designed to solve this problem and make gifting how it Should be - meaningful and memorable for both the giver and receiver!

A gift the keeps on giving

How does Gift of Mercy work?

How it works Step 1 and Step 2
How it works Step 3 and Step 4

You can choose from five unique charitable gifts and six card designs. Select a fixed amount item, or donate any amount!

Remember that no matter what, each Gift of Mercy is unique.

It is an excellent way to help our brothers and sisters in need around the world with life’s essentials, restore their dignity, and give them joy. It also elevates the beautiful Sunnah of Gifting, making it more memorable and rewarding!

Send Gifts of Mercy to your friends, loved ones, and colleagues today! Click here.

Send a Gift of Mercy

Gifts of Mercy FAQs


Does Gifts of Mercy align with Islamic Principles?

Our beloved Prophet (saw) strongly recommended exchanging gifts with one another to promote mutual love and affection. Abu Huraira reported: The Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, said, “Give each other gifts, and you will love each other.”

Do you print the certificates and mail them?

I’m sorry, we currently don’t have this option yet. However, the certificate will be emailed to you, and you can print it at home or through a printing company.

Can I send the certificate via WhatsApp, SMS, or other messaging platforms?

We are currently working on providing this option. However, you can now download the certificate from your email and share it directly via the various messaging applications.

I don’t want to email the certificate. I want to print it and give it. Can I send the certificate to myself?

Yes, when you reach Step 3, type in your email address in the recipient’s email address section, and we’ll email you the certificate.

Can I Choose the Amount to Donate?

Absolutely! You can select from fixed amount items or donate any amount you wish to give.

Is My Gifts of Mercy Donation Tax Deductible?

Yes, your donation through Gifts of Mercy is tax-deductible. MAA will provide a tax receipt for your generous contribution.

How can I provide feedback regarding Gifts of Mercy?

We’d love to hear your feedback to help improve Gifts of Mercy! Fill in our Feedback form by clicking on this link.


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