08 Sep
Due to the lack of access to safe drinking water in Somalia, Muslim Aid Australia has been on a mission to provide longer-lasting water solutions to the region.

Alhamdulillah, through the blessings and mercy of Allah, we have just completed our second Borehole in 2 years.

Muslim Aid Australia's donors have been investing in this project for over 3 months.

In order to dig for water in this region our teams had to use a huge industrial drill similar to those that dig for oil.

This particular borehole is located in Bal'ad, Middle Shabelle Region, Somalia with a total project value of approximately AU$130,000.

The borehole will now provide access to clean water to approximately 20,000 people living in the area.

On behalf of the team at Muslim Aid Australia, we'd like to thank you for your generous support of our brothers and sisters in Somalia.

Posted by Riyaad Ally
Hanan Khalil
Alhamdallah, is there any orphaned children that need help that you can tell me about please, I would love to help.thsnks so much for your wonderful work.
9/09/2015 12:07:06 AM