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Shariah Compliant


Shariah compliant model

Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said:  “Verily Allah, the Most High, loves when one of you undertakes something and he or she does it with perfection according to their capacity."

At MAA, we have a devoted team committed to upholding, implementing, and adhering to Islamic values. This commitment extends to our field partners, ensuring that our projects on the ground are executed with integrity and in line with Islamic principles. Shaykh Abdel Moez Nafti is the Executive Director of Islamic Affairs at MAA. His role with MAA focuses on:

•    Ensuring that all our projects are executed and delivered as per Islamic guidelines.
•    Building effective relationships locally and internationally so MAA can better serve its donors, beneficiaries and the community at large.
•    Raising community awareness about objective positions of the Shariah, supported by evidence, for all MAA humanitarian aid programmes including Zakat, Ramadan, Qurban, Orphan Aid, Water Wells and more.

We've integrated a Shariah Compliant Donation system into our website and mobile app. Designed to adhere to various Islamic Fiqh guidelines, this system meticulously determines how funds are distributed based on their sources. This innovative approach underscores our unwavering intention to seek Allah's pleasure in all our endeavours, striving for excellence in every facet of our work, Insha’Allah.


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