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Story of Ibrahim A.S.

The Story of Prophet Ibrahim A.S.

Qurbani, often highlighted as the Sunna of Ibrahim in Islamic texts, embodies the act of devotion and obedience. It follows the true story of father and son, Ibrahim and Ismail, and their unflinching loyalty and devotion to Allah (SWT). The story serves as a means of motivation, education and inspiration to millions of Muslims around the world today. Here, we will talk about this story at length.

It is said that Ibrahim (AS) had a dream one night, in which Allah (SWT) told him to sacrifice Ismail, his beloved son. At first Ibrahim (AS) thought it was the devil playing tricks on him and he immediately disregarded it. However the following night, the same dream occurred again commanding him to do the same. Ibrahim (AS) then came to realise that this was no fluke and in fact, a message from Allah (SWT).

Prophet Ibrahim (AS) harbored immense love for his son, Ismail (AS), yet his steadfastness and readiness to adhere to Allah's (SWT) command showcased unparalleled obedience. He took his son to Mount Arafat along with a knife and rope. Upon reaching there, he told his son about his dream and what Allah SWT had commanded him to do. Being an obedient son, Prophet Ismail (AS) immediately obliged and asked that his hands and legs be tied so that he may not struggle and that his father blindfold himself so that he won't have to witness him suffer.

Ibrahim (AS) did as Ismail (AS) had said. Blindfolded and with the knife in his hands, he did as Allah SWT had asked of him. When he took the blindfold off, to his surprise, he saw the body of a dead ram in front of him. Ismail (AS) was completely unharmed standing right next to him. At first he thought that something had gone horribly wrong and that he had disobeyed the order of his Creator. But then he heard a voice telling him that Allah (SWT) looks after his followers and that he need not worry.

Ibrahim (AS) and Ismail (AS) had just passed a difficult test from Allah SWT.

Annually, during the sacred month of Dhul Hijjah, Muslims worldwide perform Qurbani, commemorating Prophet Ibrahim's act of obedience and sacrifice. Muslims sacrifice animals (preferably a goat, cow or camel) in memory of the deed.

Thus, Qurbani serves as a pivotal lesson in obedience for Muslims, echoing the values demonstrated in the story of Ibrahim (AS) and Ismail (AS). As Muslims, we must obey Allah's command without pause. Adhering to the tasks ordained by Allah, such as praying Salat, performing Sawm, paying Zakat, and embarking on Hajj, is imperative for all Muslims, reflecting the lessons of Prophet Ibrahim (AS). May Allah (SWT) empower us to uphold and perform the Sunna of Ibrahim annually, embodying the spirit of sacrifice and obedience. Ameen.

Due to the firm faith of both father and son, Isma'eel was replaced by a ram and his life was spared by Allah. In this story we must therefore remember that Eid ul-Adha is not just a celebration, but the remembrance of one of the greatest sacrfices in history.



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