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AIIC Morocco and Libya Emergency

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AIIC Fundraiser: Uniting for Morocco Earthquake & Libya Floods Relief

Unprecedented Catastrophes in North Africa

In September 2023, North Africa was shaken by two catastrophic events: a magnitude 6.8 earthquake in Morocco and devastating floods in Libya, triggered by Storm Daniel. These calamities have wreaked havoc, causing extensive casualties, displacements, and infrastructural damages. This emergency campaign seeks to spotlight these dual tragedies and mobilize support for the impacted communities.

Morocco Earthquake: A Nation in Ruins

  • Date: September 8, 2023

  • Epicenter: High Atlas Mountains, 71km south-west of Marrakesh

  • Impact: Over 2,900 lives lost, more than 5,500 injured, and countless infrastructures destroyed.

  • Response: Emergency shelter packs, community kitchens, and coordinated efforts with local NGOs to provide aid.

Libya Floods: A Torrent of Sorrow

  • Date: September 10, 2023

  • Cause: Storm Daniel's record rainfall and the collapse of two poorly maintained dams.

  • Epicenter of Damage: City of Derna

  • Impact: Death toll of at least 11,300, with 10,100 missing in Derna alone. Over 884,000 people affected across Libya.

  • Challenges: Displacement, lack of clean water, food, shelter, potential disease outbreaks, and political rivalries hampering relief efforts.

How You Can Help

The combined impact of these disasters is monumental, and the affected regions are in dire need of immediate assistance. Your support can provide:

  • Provide emergency shelter and food to displaced families.

  • Provide clothing and hygeine packs 

  • Assist in rebuilding efforts and infrastructure restoration.

Partnership for a Cause: AIIC & MAA

The Australian International Islamic College (AIIC) has forged a partnership with MAA to assist those affected by providing urgent supplies. With your support, we aim to deliver food, blankets, tents, and other essential items to those in need.

Let's lend a helping hand by donating towards those affected by these disasters!

To Donate via Bank Transfer:
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Bank: NAB
BSB: 082057
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