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Empowering the Vulnerable with Zakah

Zakah is more than just a charitable act; it's a transformative force. At MAA, we amplify the power of your Zakah, ensuring it reaches the most vulnerable across the globe.

The Impact of Your Zakah

Your Zakah is first and foremost a compulsory act of worship. Your contribution does more than just offer relief—it empowers. From supporting orphans to uplifting those trapped in the clutches of poverty, to aiding victims of both natural and human-induced calamities, your Zakah creates lasting change.

Why Choose MAA for Your Zakah?

Your Zakah is delivered based on an Islamic framework to ensure it's delivered to approved Zakah recipients. With our reach extending across more than 35 countries, your Zakah has the potential to touch lives on a global scale, reaching those who need it most. We leverage advanced digital methodologies and data to understand the underlying issues of poverty and hardship. This allows us to target beneficiaries in severely impoverished communities.

Tools for Your Zakah

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Any questions about Zakah, dive into our detailed Zakat FAQ section for clarity.

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