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Egypt to Gaza Aid Convoy

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As of November 2023, Gaza, Palestine, is in the throes of a severe humanitarian crisis. Over 2.3 million Palestinians are entrapped in Gaza, confronting immense hardship due to escalated conflict. Critical shortages in basic necessities, compounded by a comprehensive blockade, are notable. The healthcare system is on the brink, with critical facilities like Al-Quds Hospital ceasing operations due to fuel shortages and power outages.


  • Affected: Over 2.3 million people

  • Killed: Over 11,100 - including 8,000+ women and children

  • Injured: Over 28,000

  • Buildings Destroyed: Major damage to infrastructure, including schools, hospitals, and residential buildings

  • Displaced: Over 1.5 million people

How Aid Convoys are Entering into Gaza from Egypt

There is currently only one official entry point for aid to enter Gaza, coordinated by the Egyptian Red Crescent, the Palestinian Red Crescent, UNRWA and the Ministry of Health in Gaza.

The process involves several steps:

  1. Procurement of supplies from Egyptian Red Crescent-approved vendors in Egypt based on a needs assessment list provided by the Palestinian authorities in Gaza.

  2. Packing and loading of Aid (food, medical, and non-food items) at warehouses in Cairo into trucks

  3. The Trucks then transport the aid to El Arish, where they join a queue at the Rafah Border

  4. Trucks are sent from the Rafah Border to the Al Ajwa Border to be checked by Israeli authorities. Once approved, the trucks return to the Rafah Border

  5. Upon entry into Gaza, the Palestinian Red Crescent and UNRWA distribute the food and water, and the Ministry of Health delivers the medicines and medical equipment

MAA's CEO is on the ground in Egypt, coordinating the relief efforts.

To read a full report of our work so far, click here

MAA's Distribution Efforts from items procured inside Gaza, Palestine, and Egypt:

  • 8,380 Food and Water Packs

  • 800 Hygiene Kits

  • 600 Clothing Sets for Women

  • 10,380 Hot Meals

  • 200 Heavy Blankets

  • 20 Pallets of Medicine which include:

    • Ceftriaxone: An antibiotic for serious bacterial infections, given by injection.

    • Cefotaxime: Another injectable antibiotic for various bacterial infections like pneumonia.

    • Esomeprazole: Reduces stomach acid and helps with heartburn and stomach ulcers.

    • Amoxicillin: A common antibiotic for infections like ear or urinary tract infections.

    • Clavulanic Acid: Combined with Amoxicillin to make it more effective against bacteria.

    • Fusidic Acid Cream: A cream for treating skin infections.

    • Tranexamic Acid: Helps to control heavy bleeding, often used during surgery or heavy periods.

    • Ampoules: Small sealed vials, usually for storing and injecting medicines.

    • Etamsylate: A drug to reduce bleeding, used in various bleeding conditions.

How you can help

Your generous donation will be used to procuring urgent aid supplies in Egypt, and deliver them to our brothers and sisters in Gaza, Palestine.

Help those affected by the conflict in Palestine.

To donate via Bank Transfer:

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