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Pakistan Emergency

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Pakistan Flood Relief: One Year On

In 2022, Pakistan faced one of its most devastating natural disasters. Unprecedented floods submerged a third of the nation, leaving millions in dire need of humanitarian assistance. With the country already grappling with socio-economic challenges, the floods exacerbated the situation, especially for the most vulnerable segments of the population.

The Catastrophic Impact of the Floods

The floods of 2022 affected a staggering 33 million people, with children making up half of this number. From June to October, the floods claimed the lives of 1,739 individuals, including 647 children. Over 2.1 million were rendered homeless, marking these floods as the deadliest since 2010.

Balochistan: A Region in Ruins

Balochistan, one of Pakistan's provinces, bore the brunt of the disaster. The floods killed 336 residents, rendering many homes uninhabitable and displacing countless families. The aftermath saw 426,897 houses damaged or destroyed and a loss of 1,230 km2 of crops. The region also mourned the loss of an estimated half-million livestock.

MAA International's Relief Efforts

In response to this calamity, Muslim Aid Australia has committed to providing 50 shelter homes in Kharan, Balochistan. These homes, designed with sustainability in mind, will be equipped with climate-resilient features. Beneficiaries will have full ownership of these homes, built on their land, ensuring no land acquisition issues arise.

Pakistan's Ongoing Challenges

Pakistan, the world's fifth-most populous country, faces an array of challenges. From economic crises to high poverty rates, the nation's struggles are manifold. Climate change has further intensified these issues, with extreme weather events becoming increasingly common. The floods of 2022 are a testament to this growing threat.

Join MAA International in Making a Difference

MAA continues to support those affected by the floods and the endemic poverty in Pakistan. From providing food packs and hygiene kits to constructing homes for flood victims, our efforts are unwavering. Join us in making a lasting impact.



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