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Uyghur Refugees: A Crisis Unfolded

The plight of the Uyghur refugees in Turkey has become a pressing humanitarian issue. Originating from East Turkistan, thousands of Uyghurs have been compelled to abandon their homes, possessions, and families, seeking solace in Turkey.

The Exodus from East Turkistan

East Turkistan's crisis has witnessed a massive exodus of Uyghurs, with approximately fifty thousand finding refuge in Istanbul, Turkey. This migration has predominantly comprised widowed women and orphaned children, making them one of Turkey's most vulnerable groups.

Challenges Faced by Uyghur Refugees

According to the UNHCR, the Uyghur refugees grapple with significant hardships in their new homeland. The absence of a familiar community and the lack of income and essential language skills have pushed many to extreme poverty. The poverty rate for non-Uyghur Turks stands at 33.1%, highlighting these refugees' dire circumstances.

MAA: Determined to Support Uyghur Refugees

While Government assistance remains limited, aid organisations like MAA have stepped forward to bridge the gap. However, the demand for aid far surpasses the available resources. Language barriers further exacerbate the situation, restricting the refugees' access to essential services. Moreover, many Uyghurs encounter exploitation and discrimination from employers, landlords, and society, curtailing their economic and social opportunities.

The Urgent Need for Support

Due to the massive influx and continued support of the Syrian refugees, Turkey’s existing humanitarian aid mechanisms are stretched, requiring international efforts to address the Uyghur refugees' pressing needs. The scarcity of housing, food, and medical assistance exposes them to extreme poverty and exploitation. The intertwining of the refugee crisis with Turkey's economic and political challenges spells grave consequences for the Uyghurs. There is an urgent call for aid organisations to amplify their support for the Uyghur community in Turkey.

With your assistance, we can continue to providing ongoing support to our brothers and sisters in need.



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