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Yemen Emergency

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Emergency Yemen: Ongoing Crisis

The "Yemen crisis" has escalated into a dire "Yemen humanitarian crisis", with the "Yemen food crisis 2023" being a focal point of international concern. The people of Yemen are grappling with a devastating "Yemen hunger crisis", and they need our collective support now more than ever. The devastating Yemen conflict which began in 2014, has caused one of the world's worst humanitarian crises. The Yemen conflict causes are complex, involving a mix of local grievances, regional power struggles, and international interventions.

The Impact of the Yemen Conflict

The Yemen war effects are far-reaching and devastating. Over 24 million people, which is about 80% of the population, are in need of humanitarian aid. The conflict has led to severe food shortages, resulting in a Yemen child hunger crisis that the UN has described as the world's worst. The healthcare system is on the brink of collapse, with hospitals destroyed and medicine scarce.

Yemen Humanitarian Crisis

The Yemen humanitarian crisis is a direct result of the ongoing conflict. The war has resulted in thousands of deaths and left the country's infrastructure in ruins. Schools, hospitals, and homes have been destroyed, leaving millions displaced and needing aid.

How you can help

Despite the grim situation, there are ways you can help. MAA has been operating on the ground since the beginning of the crisis to deliver essential food and medical aid to thousands nationwide. In addition, we have provided large-scale immediate and long-term water solutions and continue our orphan care support. 

The Yemen crisis may seem overwhelming, but your support can make a difference. Together, we can help alleviate the suffering of the Yemeni people and work towards a peaceful resolution.



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