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Rohingya Emergency Appeal

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Rohingya Emergency Response

The Rohingya people, primarily residing in Myanmar, have faced a harrowing "Rohingya crisis" that has garnered international attention and necessitated a robust "international response to the Rohingya crisis". With the situation continuing into "Rohingya crisis 2023", the need for aid is as pressing as ever.

The Rohingya community, a stateless minority from Myanmar, has endured unimaginable hardships. Decades of systematic discrimination and targeted violence in Rakhine State have forced them to seek refuge in neighbouring countries. The aftermath of these atrocities has left scars that are hard to heal.

The Plight of the Rohingya

In recent years, the Rohingya have faced some of the most devastating challenges in their history. Entire villages were set ablaze, families torn apart, and countless women and girls subjected to unspeakable acts of violence. The trauma of these events has left many deeply affected, searching for solace and safety.

By 2022, the situation escalated to a breaking point. Floods submerged vast regions of their homeland, affecting a staggering 33 million people, half of whom were children. From June to October 2022 alone, 1,739 lives were lost, including 647 innocent children. Over 2.1 million were left without a home, making these floods the deadliest since 2010.

Seeking Refuge in Bangladesh

Most displaced Rohingya found temporary sanctuary in the refugee camps around Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh. However, now the largest globally, these camps are bursting at the seams. The living conditions are far from ideal, with overcrowded tents and limited resources.

Children, the most vulnerable of the refugees, face malnutrition, with nearly a quarter of them between 6 months and five years old suffering. The lack of clean water and an unsafe environment, especially for girls and women, further compounds their misery.

MAA Responds

Since 2015, MAA has provided continuous support to our Rohingya brothers and sisters. Our ground teams are delivering essential support, including:

  • Food Aid

  • Educational Aid

  • Hygiene & Medical Aid, and

  • Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene Projects

How you can help

Our mission is to reach out to those displaced in Bangladesh, ensuring they receive the care and support they desperately need. But this mission cannot be achieved without your help.

Donate today and help our Rohingya brothers and sisters in need. Your support is crucial in delivering aid and making a lasting impact.




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