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The Rohingya people have faced decades of systematic discrimination, statelessness and targeted violence in Rakhine State, Myanmar. More than 1.3 million refugees — targets of violent attacks in Rakhine State in Myanmar— and host community members have been affected.

In Myanmar, entire villages were burned to the ground, families were separated and killed, and women and girls were gang raped. Most of the people who escaped were severely traumatized after witnessing unspeakable atrocities. These people found temporary shelter in refugee camps around Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh, which is now home to the world’s largest refugee camp.

Overcrowded camps are not the only poor conditions the refugees are facing. Nearly a quarter of all Rohingya refugee children living in camps (between 6 months and 5 years-old) are malnourished. Lack of clean water, unsafe environments for girls and women and the inability for children and young people to seek emotional support for their experiences are all negatively affecting the displaced Rohingya people.

MAA is helping to address the catastrophic humanitarian crisis by providing essential aid to those currently displaced both in Myanmar and Bangladesh. In Myanmar, we are active in Sittwe and Maungdaw areas whereas in Bangladesh, we are in and around Cox's Bazar where our teams are providing food, education facilities, water wells, shelter, toilets, showers, and medical aid projects.