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IDLIB CRISIS: at least 235,000 people have been forced to flee their homes.

Recent intensified violence in densely populated areas of Ma’arat An-Nu’man, south of Idlib city, has pushed thousands of families to flee north.
Since 11 December, more than 235,000 people, including over 60,000 children, have been displaced from southern Idlib, northern Hama and western Aleppo because of escalating fighting.
Nine years into the war, children in Syria continue to experience unspeakable violence, trauma and distress. Most of these families in Idlib have already faced multiple displacements.
Due to the volatile security situation along the access routes north and the shortage of fuel in Idlib area are limiting the movement of civilians fleeing the hostilities.
Immediate humanitarian assistance, including food, shelter, winterisation as well as health and psychosocial support, is essential to support displaced individuals. In particular, ready-to-eat rations and cooked meals are a priority since many of the newly displaced do not have any means to cook the ingredients provided in food baskets.
It is estimated that an additional half a million people could be displaced over the coming weeks if the violence escalates, which would be the largest displacement seen since the war started eight years ago.

MAA is working closely with our field offices on the ground to provide essential support to those affected.