Syria Emergency


After eight years of war, Syrians are still struggling to survive. Over 5.6 million men, women, and children have fled to neighbouring countries, where they live in extreme poverty, often not being able to put food on the table. Inside Syria, a further 6.2 million people are suffering as the war rages on around them. Conflict continues to be the principal driver of humanitarian needs, with the civilian population in many parts of the country exposed to significant protection risks which threaten life, dignity and wellbeing on a daily basis.



Through our ongoing field operations, MAA is focusing on both short and long-term impactful aid projects which includes Education, Family Food Distribution, Vocational Training, Orphan Aid, and Comfort Aid Packs. 

By donating towards our Syria Emergency Appeal you can help us continue to increase the relief project we are currently implementing for the Syrian refugees in Jordan, Lebanon, and Turkey.