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trans4mingself Morocco Libya Fundraiser

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Fundraising campaign by trans4mingself


Dear all, 

Over 14,000 people have died in the Morocco Earthquake and Libya Flood disasters. Devastating to see the footage of this calamity that has struck our brothers and sisters. Entire communities destroyed. Thousands drowned or buried. Mass burials, so many unrecognisable identities, piled one atop another. Their families reeling in pain, unimaginable pain. Countless tears. Unbearable cries for help. Then silence. Gut wrenching silence.

Here, I have painted flooded rivers flowing through the city streets. If you zoom in you will see 14,300 individual brush strokes to represent each person who is no longer with us. The blank spaces are for the thousands of people still unaccounted for.



It took me over 20 hours to complete this painting. My hands and heart were aching as I painted each line. With every brush stroke, I thought of and prayed for those who perished.

In collaboration with MAA International (a registered Australian charity), I am raising funds and I need your help to reach my target of $25,000.

MAA have emergency teams on the ground. Your funds will directly assist recovery efforts and help provide essential supplies to those who have lost everything in Libya and Morocco. They need your help. 

Please dig deep. Please donate to this cause. Think of your family and friends, think of all the blessings in your life, think of the suffering of these affected communities. Think of all their loss. So difficult to imagine their loss.

Please give any amount you can, no matter how big or small. Sacrifice one small expense today, even a coffee, and donate that amount towards this cause. My target amount equates to less than $2 for every person who has died. Every cent counts.

“And whoever saves a life it is as though they had saved the lives of all mankind”.

With deepest condolences, prayers and love to all those affected.





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