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1 to 1 Orphan Care- AU$60/month

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Sponsor an Orphan Today

MAA International offers a unique opportunity for individuals, organizations, schools, and families to make a lasting impact. With just AU$60 a month, you can sponsor an orphan, ensuring they receive the care and support they need.

Care for an Orphan: A Sunnah of our Prophet PBUH

Nurturing an orphan with essentials such as healthy food, medical care, clean clothes, and access to education not only provides them with a protective environment but also empowers them to reach their full potential. The act of orphan sponsorship in Islam holds a special place, as it resonates with the life of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

Our beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was himself an orphan and encouraged us to assist the orphan. As it is mentioned in the Hadith, he said:

“I and the person who takes care of an orphan will be together like this in Paradise.” [then he raised his index and middle finger together] - Bukhari

By participating in MAA’s 1 to 1 Orphan Care program, you're not just making a charitable contribution; you're following in the sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Our initiative ensures that every child under our care, whether across Africa, Asia, or the Middle East, including Palestine, Yemen, Ghana, Indonesia, Pakistan, or Uganda, receives:

  • Food - The food provided not only helps the orphan but the family.

  • Education - Your child will get access to education which will ensure a bright future for him/her

  • Health - Access to medical care ensures that your child lives a long, healthy and fruitful life.

  • Shelter - Your monthly contribution helps the orphans with shelter packs.

MAA is deeply committed to supporting orphans around the world through our Orphan Aid General Support Programme and other welfare projects. Whether you're curious about sponsoring an orphan, seeking to contribute your sadaqah, or wondering how zakah can be utilized for such noble causes, MAA offers a range of options to support.

Be the Change with MAA's Orphan Aid Program

Help support an orphan today. Through our efforts around the world, your support can be the beacon of hope for a child. Let's work together to ensure every orphan, no matter where they are, looks forward to a brighter, more promising future.





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