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Help Orphaned Refugee Children in Jordan Build Brighter Futures

Imagine a world where conflict tore your family apart. Now, you’re in a strange land, far from the life you knew. This is the harsh reality for thousands of orphaned Palestinian refugee children in Jordan, a country deeply affected by the turmoil in neighbouring regions.

These children, already burdened with unimaginable loss, face poverty, limited healthcare, and uncertain futures. The economic crisis has only made their circumstances more desperate. They urgently need your help.

We believe every child deserves a chance to thrive. For $1,100, you can sponsor an orphan for an entire year. Your generous donation directly supports programs that give orphaned refugee children:

  • Nutritious meals to combat malnutrition and promote healthy growth.

  • Essential healthcare to prevent illness and ensure well-being.

  • A quality education that builds self-esteem and offers hope for the future.

  • Warm clothing and a safe place to call home.

Your gift today changes a child’s life. Don’t let another day pass without extending a hand of compassion to a vulnerable child in need.




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