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When do I need to Pay Kaffarah?

The Quran and Hadiths outline five primary violations necessitating Kaffarah (Kaffara):

  1. Deliberately breaking a Ramadan fast.
  2. Violating a sworn oath.
  3. Transgressing the sacred rites of the Hajj pilgrimage.
  4. Manslaughter, whether voluntary or involuntary.
  5. Engaging in zihar, an archaic practice of estranging one's wife in a specific manner.

How To Donate Kaffarah, & How Much to Give

The prescribed way of making amends for doing wrong actions is by paying a Kaffarah. For example, if a person deliberately misses a fast in Ramadan or breaks a fast without a legitimate reason, then he/she must pay a Kaffarah. To calculate the amount, please refer to the guidance below.
  1. To compensate for ONE deliberately broken fast, a person must feed 60 people - and the recommended way to do so is by providing them at least two meals a day. Donate AU$300 to provide two meals to 60 people. If for any reason this is not feasible, we may provide one meal to 120 people.
  2. To compensate for an oath which was made and broken, one must feed 10 people - and the recommended way to do so is by providing them at least two meals a day. Donate AU$50 to provide two meals to 10 people. If for any reason this is not feasible, we may provide one meal to 20 people.

What's the difference Fedyah (Fidya) and Kaffarah?

While both serve as compensations, Fedyah (Fidya) is given when a fast is missed for a valid reason, whereas Kaffarah is due when a fast is deliberately broken without any genuine reason. Fedyah (Fidya) is equivalent to feeding one person, but Kaffarah requires feeding 60 people.

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