Discover the impact of your contribution. View Now.

Discover the impact of your contribution. View Now.

Semi-Deep Wells AU$1500 DONATE NOW

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A semi-deep water well lies between a shallow water well and a community water well. It provides access to clean water to dozens of beneficiaries in rural and drought-stricken areas.

Semi deep water wells have a depth of between 25-60m and a lifespan of 10-15 years. Once the well is ready, clean water is pumped to a storage tank utilising either solar power or electricity, and distributed to the beneficiaries via taps.

Subject to the need on the ground and availability, MAA will choose the best location for your well and once completed, we will provide you with a full completion report with details of the exact location, number of beneficiaries, photos and more. You are also able to choose the content to include on a plaque that is placed on the well.



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