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Deep Wells AU$5000

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Deep Water Wells: A Lifelong Sadaqah Jariyah Gift

Deep water wells stand as a testament to enduring generosity. By donating towards one, you're gifting hundreds in rural and drought-affected regions the invaluable resource of clean water, making it a profound Sadaqah Jariyah project.

The Depth and Lifespan of Deep Water Wells

Delving between 40-100m into the earth, deep water wells are designed for longevity, consistently serving communities for an impressive 20-25 years. Depending on the region and specific community needs, pumps or motors ensure the seamless distribution of clean water to beneficiaries. The construction nuances of these wells vary across countries, tailored to the unique requirements of each community.

MAA's Selection and Reporting

In alignment with on-ground needs and situational availability, MAA meticulously selects the most impactful location for your deep water well. Currently, MAA builds deep wells in Ghana, and Pakistan, with more countries to follow.

Upon its completion, our commitment to transparency shines through a comprehensive report, detailing the exact location, beneficiary count, photographs, and more. You are also able to choose the content to include on a plaque that is placed on the well.




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