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Semi-Deep Wells AU$1500

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Quantity at AU$1500 each


The Impact of Semi-Deep Water Wells

Bridging the gap between shallow and community water wells, a Semi-Deep Water Well serves as a beacon of hope in rural and drought-affected regions. By donating one, you're granting dozens of beneficiaries access to clean, life-sustaining water.

Water Well Features

Semi-Deep water wells delve between 25-60m into the earth, ensuring a consistent water supply for 10-15 years.

MAA's Dedication to Your Contribution

In line with the pressing needs and situational availability, MAA is committed to identifying the most beneficial location for your well. Upon completion, our promise of transparency shines through a detailed report, encompassing the exact location, beneficiary count, photographs, and more. To make your charitable act even more special, you can personalise a plaque that graces the well, leaving a lasting mark of your generosity.



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