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Palestine Emergency

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Gaza, Palestine, has been a focal point of humanitarian strife for years. Home to over two million people within its 362 square kilometers, its dense population grapples daily with challenges intensified by geographic isolation, scarce resources, and an unstable economy. 


Our hearts ache for the people of Gaza, Palestine, who are enduring unimaginable hardship amid the escalating conflict in Gaza. Innocent civilians, including young children, have tragically lost their lives. We remain unwavering in our commitment to supporting and advocating for these innocent civilians caught in this tragic conflict.


WhatsApp-Image-2024-04-25-at-7-53-42-PM-(1).jpeg WhatsApp-Image-2024-04-25-at-7-53-42-PM-(2).jpeg
Scenes in Gaza, 2024. Photo Credit: MAA International 

Our Response

In response to the escalating conflict in Gaza and the immense suffering of its people, we have mobilized comprehensive support efforts to address their urgent needs. Our response includes:
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Food Aid
Distribution of food packs, fresh produce, and hot meals to those in dire need.
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Hygiene Packs
Providing essential hygiene supplies to maintain health and prevent disease
Refugee Support
Assisting displaced individuals seeking refuge in Egypt with essential supplies and services.
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Supplying tents and other temporary shelters to families who have lost their homes.

WhatsApp-Image-2024-04-25-at-7-53-42-PM-(1).jpeg e9422b01-157d-49c8-bd7f-b65be1f6cb48.JPG
Gaza Aid Distribution, April 2024.  Photo Credit: MAA International 


Two million Palestinians are facing violence, displacement, and restricted access to basic necessities and rights. Their access to essential services, freedom of movement, and many human rights are denied or limited, leading to inadequate medical care and hindered opportunities for work and education.
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Food Insecurity
Alarmingly, over 70% of Gaza's households face food insecurity, a situation exacerbated by the region's ongoing conflicts.
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Water Crisis
A staggering 90% of Gaza's water is unsuitable for consumption, posing severe health risks to its inhabitants.
Economic Strain
With limited resources and access, unemployment soars, opportunities dwindle, and the region becomes increasingly reliant on international aid.
Card Image 4
Health & Education
Limited access to essential services like healthcare and education hampers the growth and well-being of Gaza's residents.



Our team is on the ground in Gaza, working tirelessly to provide aid to those in need. Here are the latest updates:

23rd June 2024

We have dispatched our biggest distribution to date: 17 trucks loaded with essential food, aid, and tents. This monumental convoy is on a mission to deliver vital support and hope to countless families in desperate need. Your unwavering generosity fuels this incredible effort.

June 2024

We've distributed 2000 vegetable parcels in Gaza.


Image 1 Image 2 Image 3 Image 4

5th May 2024

We've just sent 4 aid trucks from Egypt to Gaza containing 6,912 food packs.

15th April 2024

Our trucks have arrived in Gaza, and our team on the ground have taken possession, and started unloading the items into the warehouse in preparation for the distribution.

2nd April 2024

Our team in Egypt is currently preparing our next convoy which contains 3,456 Food Packs and 3,000 Hygiene Packs.

26th March 2024

Our team are distributing the food packs, hygiene supplies, and baby items, specifically targeting Orphans and their families in the initial stages.

25th March 2024

Six trucks have crossed the border, alhamdulillah, and our warehouse is stocked with goods ready to distribute. Distribution will commence in a day or two!

17th March 2024

We've packed and sent six trucks filled with essential supplies - including food, medicine, hygiene, and baby essentials.

Early January 2024

Team MAA dispatched a massive convoy of ten trucks to Gaza, full of winter essentials, family food packs, and hygiene kits. Currently, these trucks are on their way to those most in need in Gaza, and we expect the goods to be distributed in sha Allah within the next week or two. Watch our latest Gaza Aid Convoy video below.

November 2023

In November 2023, our CEO Ayman Eldemallawy and Sheikh Abdel Moez were in Cairo, Egypt - supervising the procurement and packing of essential aid including food packs and medicines. Several truckloads of these goods entered Gaza and the aid was distributed to those most in need, in coordination with the Palestine Red Crescent and Ministry of Health, Gaza. 

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The Gaza Strip stands on the precipice of a humanitarian catastrophe, with the entire population facing unprecedented levels of acute food insecurity, and a significant portion on the verge of famine. 

The situation in Gaza is dire. The ongoing conflict and siege have crippled basic infrastructure, leaving families struggling for essentials like food, water, and healthcare. Despite valiant efforts, aid delivery remains woefully inadequate. The future seems bleak, but we cannot give up.


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