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Qurban FAQ

Understanding Livestock Shares: Rules and Guidelines for Qurban Distribution

  1. A Sheep or Goat (small animal) = 1 Qurban share

  2. A Cow or Buffalo (large animal) = 7 Qurban shares

Please donate at least one share of Qurban on behalf of yourself and your family. You may donate more if you are able to. Click here to donate your Qurban.

MAA's 'Where More Needed' Qurban: Ensuring Your Qurban Reaches Vulnerable Populations in Asia and Africa

Qurban Where Most Needed is our most affordable and popular Qurban option. Your Qurban will be distributed in Asia and Africa, to those who need it most. This year, the countries on this list include Uganda, Tanzania, Chad, Pakistan, India, Indonesia, Malawi, Kenya, Democratic Republic of Congo, and Bangladesh.

Exploring MAA's Diverse Qurban Options: From Fresh Qurban in Conflict Zones to Supporting Refugees

We have a limited number of Fresh Qurban in Palestine, Yemen, and for the refugees from Syria and the Rohingya community.

MAA's Special Orphan & Widow Qurban: A Compassionate Option to Support Vulnerable Families in Various Countries

MAA's new Qurban - Orphan & Widow option guarantees distribution of your Qurban to FIVE orphan and widow families in Palestine, Indonesia, Yemen, Pakistan, Bangladesh, or Uganda for AU$250. Donate now and in Dhul Hijjah, during the BEST ten days of the year, earn the rewards for FOUR good deeds - performing Qurban, looking after an orphan, helping a widow, and feeding the poor!

Quantifying Your Impact: How Much Meat Does One Share of Qurban Provide to Families in Need?

Typically, each share yields between 15-20kgs of meat, depending on the type of animal and country where the Qurban is conducted. This meat is distributed to over 5-7 families in need.

Timings for Qurban Performance: Navigating the Essential Days for Conducting Qurban During Eid

Qurbani will take place on the first, second, and third days of Eid. It is advisable to donate your Qurban as soon as you can and no later than the third day of Eid [13th Dhul Hijjah] before Maghrib.

Understanding Qurban Pricing: Admin Fees and Ensuring Quality in Your Qurban Donation

To ensure we continue to maintain the highest quality Qurban practices, a low admin fee is necessary to cover the cost of staff, slaughter, distribution, etc.

Ensuring Impactful Qurban Distribution: How Recipients are Selected Based on Vulnerability and Need

In every country that we conduct Qurban in, it is distributed to the most vulnerable people; this includes widows, orphans, the elderly, internally displaced persons, and the poor.

Global Qurban Distribution in 2023: The Countries MAA Will Be Reaching with Your Qurban Donations

This year, our Qurban program will cover Yemen, Uganda, Tanzania, Chad, Palestine, Pakistan, India, Indonesia, Malawi, Kenya, Democratic Republic of Congo, Bangladesh, and for the refugees from Syria and the Rohingya community.

Ensuring Transparency and Accountability: How MAA Guarantees Your Qurban Takes Place as Promised

Alhumdulillah, since 1989 we've been successfully conducting Qurban around the world and each year, we strive hard to continue exceeding the expectations of our donors when it comes to quality, transparency, accountability, and reporting.


MAA staff from Australia travel to monitor our Qurban Program around the world, to ensure that all Islamic requirements are met and to guarantee that your donations make the maximum impact. Once your Qurban has been completed, an email notification will be sent to you to confirm this.


As part of our commitment to be transparent and accountable, we will also share Qurban updates and progress reports with you as they happen either on our website or via email and social media. Please do not forget to Like and Follow our Facebook page, Instagram, and YouTube pages for all updates.


We operate with openness & honesty


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